Dr. Gabriele Antonini has begun training urologists and surgeons in Havana, Cuba in the three piece inflatable penile implant developed and pioneered by Dr. Paul Perito. This procedure carries a significantly lower risk of infection and complication than other penile implant techniques as it is performed through the lower abdomen rather than through the penis or scrotum, and typically takes only 20 minutes to perform.

Clinica Central Cira Garcia - Havana

Clinica Central Cira Garcia – Havana

Given the high caliber of medical facilities and expertise in Cuba and its accessibility from Central and South America, this represents an exciting opportunity to be able to bring a safer surgical option to treat erectile dysfunction to areas of the world where there isn’t as much awareness about penile prosthesis.

“Dr. Antonini breaks into another new frontier for men’s health.  We are looking forward to joining him in caring for men from Cuba, the Caribbean, and all around the World.”
-Dr. Perito